Ivan Tochev

Born 1972 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Physicist Professional experience:
1991 Peace Corps / American Embassy Sofia
Since 1991 self-employed in Vienna, model building, architectural model building,
prototyping, machine-building
1999 launching of General Laser OG with brother Dimitre Tochev, model building,
special machinery, CNC-controls, developments for the lighting
industry and the construction industry.
For the last 10 years lector at the University of Applied Arts Vienna,
subject CNC-Computer Numeric Control Education:
Primary school “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, secondary high school „Paisii Hilendarski“
with profile Physics in Sofia, 1990/1991 one semester Geophysics at the University
of Geology and Mining in Sofia, since 1991 Physics at the Technical University Vienna Proficiency, Experience:
CAD Software, CAM Software, CNC-controls, any kind of metal-, wood- and plastic-
processing machinery, manual and computer controlled, pilot license (not active),
sailing license, model aircraft building Activities
Founder and CEO of General Laser Tochev & Tochev OG, Einsiedlergasse 56,
1050 Wien und Wallgasse 25/7+8, 1060 Wien –
Founder and board member (R&D) of ARENUM – Arbeitsgruppe
Energie und Umwelt, Scwarzbach, Germany –
Since 2012 project for Mini Hydropower Plants –
Lector at the University of Applied Arts Vienna Projects:
Development and production of a patented “Pressure and Humidity Control”
devices for insulating glass and structural façade elements, application in the
façade of the new headquarter of Energie AG in Linz, worldwide the first building
with only-glass façade on passive-house level
Development of C-RAY - patented optical system for directing of lighting
beam for lighting fixtures, production from 2014.
Technical development, tooling and production set up of a micro-wind-generator
for charging of mobile phones, tablet PCs and lighting applications –
Development and production of a flight stabilization electronics for model helicopters,
development of low-cost auto-pilot for small drones.
2013 take over of a professional magazine QM for glass, facades and structural elements
in Sofia, Bulgaria.