What is the language of instruction?

The evidence of English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is required.

What qualifications do I need to apply?
Each admission at the University depends on the artistic talent of the candidate as evidenced by the production of own work samples. The admission is decided by a jury. The architectural study is offered only as a Master program that takes 6 semesters and finishes with an MArch. Requirement for approval is a bachelor (BA) in architecture and a level B2 English certificate.

Do I have to submit any work samples?
Yes, all applicants have to submit a portfolio with samples of their work. Preferably a digital portfolio (max. 25mb)

What should be included in the portfolio?
All applicants should include in their portfolios any works in any media that exhibit:
Your skills and motivation in any cultural/​design field.
(1) Critical insight and intelligence about design (Entwurf) in general.
(2) Facility and expertise in any media including architectural design, graphic design, photography, industrial design, printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc…
(3) Abilities for original and creative expression.
The present development of your own cultural work.

Are there standards for the portfolio?
All applications should include in their portfolios any works in any media that demonstrate your skills and motivation in any cultural/​design field.
It should preferrably be in one single book or folder in a maximum format of A2. (840x594mm) or digitally in max. 25mb.

How extensive shall a portfolio be?
That depends on your own decision. Make sure that you communicate a clear picture of your own skills, interests and motivation with your portfolio.
All works that have been created under supervision or in a team need to have correct credits for schools, teachers or team members. A portfolio should not only consist of teamwork products.
Please include a detailed CV and a photograph with the portfolio.

How many students will be accepted?
We accept all students that meet or exceed our level of qualification. There is no minimum or maximum amount of students.

What is the interview about?
It is not a knowledge test of architectural history, but a talk about your general skills and motivation to study architecture at the IoA at the Angewandte.

Is there a way to prepare for the entry beyond the portfolio?
We expect a basic knowledge of architecture of the 20th and 21st century. If you want to prepare, inform yourself about the field of architecture. Discuss your insight with friends as a training for the interviews. In general, knowledge of any cultural field is never a disadvantage.

Are there any study fees?
For exact fees, please go to: Study Information

Can I apply in two studios at the same time?
No, you can ONLY apply in one studio!

I will finish my Bachelor Degree in Summer. Can I already apply in February?
Yes, you need to have your Bachelor degree when you start to study at the Angewandte. If you are in your last year of studies and finish the same year, you can already apply in February as long as you have your degree in October.

Visa problems?
If you live outside the European Union, please check the visa requirements in order to make sure you can start your studies in time. Since there are 2 applicaton dates, we highly recommend to apply at the earlier date (February) in order to solve any visa issues until the start of the study year which is October.