Georg Glaeser
o.Univ.-Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn.

Georg Glaeser, born in 1955, obtained his PhD and habilitation in computational geometry at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 1998, he is full professor of geometry at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Glaeser is a passionate natural photographer and the author and coauthor of more than twenty books on geometry, mathematics, computational geometry, computer graphics, photography, and several books about evolution.

His main courses are on applied geometry and applied mathematics. Topics such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics are brought to life in his courses through numerous applications ranging from biology, physics and chemistry to astronomy and geography. Also, geometry is presented in its natural habitats: the arts, nature and technology. His lectures are enriched by plenty of exciting photographs and illustrations emphasizing the beauty of mathematics and geometry.