Gerald Fuchs
Univ.Lekt. Mag.

Gerald Fuchs graduated in law and since januar 2000 working for the city of Vienna. He was working in different leagal feelds and departments and so by that in 2004 he spent 6 months at the leason office of the city of Vienna in brussels and was in 2005 for 6 months at the department for constitutional affairs working for the higher building authority (Bauoberbehörde). Till 2014 he was then involved in legislation and drafts for building law. From the beginnen of 2014 on he is head of the legal department of the Vienna building authority (MA 37). Beside that he is publishing and teaching to topics in the feels of building law.

Mag. Gerald Fuchs is head of the legal department of viennas building authority, expert in legislation and legal questions in the feeld of building law; author of legal books and articles and lector at University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna and University of Applied Arts Vienna.