Maja Ozvaldič
Univ.-Ass. Mag.arch.

Maja Ozvaldič is a designer/architect from Maribor, Slovenia and is currently working and teaching in Vienna. She studied architecture and received her diploma with distinction from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Studio Greg Lynn) in January 2009. Her professional experience started in Vienna, working with Peter Kogler, tnE Architects, and Chalabi Architects. In 2010 she received the TISCHE Scholarship and went to work for Cmmnwlth in New York before joining Asymptote Architecture New York, where she worked on a range of high-profile international projects. As an educator, she taught with Lise Anne Couture at GSAPP Columbia University in New York and Peter Trummer at the Institute for Urban Design (IOUD) in Innsbruck. Her investigative interests focus on the interrogation of realities and contemporary ‘ways of seeing’, with a strong emphasis on the intersection of digital media and design technologies with architecture. Ozvaldič has co-designed and co-curated architectural exhibition formats that explore ways of disseminating architectural ideas using various media, and recently co-edited Positions: Unfolding Architectural Endeavors published by Birkhäuser in 2020. Since 2013, she has also co-directed the SLIVER Lecture Series at the Institute of Architecture, which addresses design agendas of contemporary culture, mapping their dialogs and the agency of architecture.

Currently on educational leave.