Malgorzata Sommer-Nawara

Since 2015, Malgorzata Sommer-Nawara has been involved in different research projects at the department of Energy Design.

She is a board member of the IG Architektur, a pressure group for architects and architectural culture. She has held many lectures at numerous universities in Austria and has been constantly teaching as a lecturer at the FH Campus Wien Green Building, FH Joanneum in Graz and at the building construction institute HB2 at the TU Wien.

In 2006, she co-founded the civil engineering office EXIKON architecture and sustainability, together with Bernhard Sommer, where she focusses on sustainability and material ecology. The office was awarded the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability in 2019 by fasch and fuchs for planning the energy efficiency, building physics, and ecology of the Aspern Federal School.