Mark Balzar

Mark Balzar is a University Assistant and PhD candidate at the Department of Theory of Architecture researching on the symbiotic relationship of technology, the biological realm, and the humanities with a focus on scientific theory and philosophy of technics. Mark pursues a broad interest in technology, energy and society and its relationship via system theory and cybernetics.

He is co-founder of the research-based studio OpenFields in Vienna and has previously gained several years of professional experience leading projects in design and conceptual theory at various levels at Wolfgang Tschapeller, OMA/AMO – Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam and participated on projects with Coop Himmelb(l)au and CAP Vienna amongst others.

He received his Master Degree (History and Theory) with distinction under the supervision of Prof. Kari Jormakka from the ATTP at the Technical University of Vienna with his exhibited survey “the technological mind of architecture: the concrete and abstract machines”. Prior to his diploma he also studied at the University of Fine Arts Vienna (Masterclass: Farshid Moussavi) and at the E.T.S.A.M. with Juan Herreros.