Philipp Reinsberg

  • Philipp Reinsberg is an architect, researcher and lecturer. He studied architecture and indust­rial design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, but started his career working as a carpenter in Germany for a company that specializes in restoring wooden objects and structures. He gained international experience on different interdisci­plinary projects and regularly develops social interventions and experimental wooden structures in various constellations. Since 2016, he has been working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as an international expert in design and wood technology. He was part of the “Conceptual Joining” research team funded by the PEEK program of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, and was also a co-editor of the book Conceptual Joining (Birkhäuser / edition Angewandte 2022). He also teaches a course at the Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education (DAE/DEX) at the Angewandte called “Studio Holz” focusing on design, experimentation and fabrication with solid wood and wood-based materials.