Tiziano Derme

Tiziano Derme is an architect, researcher and media artist, and the director and co-founder of MAEID Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst, an interdisciplinary design practice based in Vienna. His work ranges from biomaterials to robotics to design performativity.

Derme’s research can be understood as a seamless interaction between computation, the material and the virtual, living systems and machines. In 2019, Derme was selected as an emerging media artist within the Creative Europe framework and has previously taught at several international graduate and postgraduate programs, including the University of Melbourne and University of Tokyo. He is currently an assistant professor and PhD fellow at the Institute for Experimental Architecture of the University of Innsbruck headed by Marjan Colletti, researching construction biotechnologies and robotics.

Derme’s work has been widely recognized by several grants and exhibited at various events, institutions and galleries, including Ars Electronica Linz, the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Singapore Art Biennale, and Venice Architecture Biennale. Derme is also a researcher at the University of Applied Arts Angewandte, co-leading a FWF PEEK project titled “Co-corporeality”.