Zeynep Aksöz
Univ.-Lekt., Dipl.-Ing. Dr. MArch

Zeynep Aksöz is an architect and computational designer. She is one of two partners of Vienna based design and research collective Open Fields. Currently, she is a Research Associate and a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, an Assistant Professor at TU Vienna in the Department for Structural Design, also a part of the Karamba3d Team.

Through her ongoing research, teaching, and practice Zeynep explores generative design processes and the implementation of AI-based processes into design, architecture, and urbanism. Her focus lies in developing emergent design approaches through the collaboration of human and artificial intelligence.

Zeynep received her Doctoral degree from the University of Applied Arts Vienna at the Institute of Architecture under the supervision of Klaus Bollinger. She was a Marie Curie Fellow and an early stage researcher as part of the international training network Innochain. She holds a MArch degree from the Architectural Association of London’s Emergent Technologies and Design Program and MSc degree from TU Wien.