Eine heiße Viertelstunde

Brennan Buck

Through the work of FreelandBuck, Eine heiße Viertelstunde’ will
document an architectural formalism that combines the complex
continuity of topological surfaces and the articulation of tectonics.
Enabled by the precise modulation of computation, the firm’s work at
the scales of installations, interiors, buildings and infrastructure
aims to catalyze a contemporary yet multiplicitous mode of formal
continuity: pattern.

Brennan Buck is principal of FreelandBuck in New York and Los Angeles and a Critic at the Yale School of Architecture. His work andwriting, which focuses on technology within the discipline and its associated aesthetic culture, has been published in Log, Frame, Arch+and Abitare as well as several recent books on architecture andtechnology. From 2004 – 2008 he was assistant professor at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna teaching in Studio Greg Lynn. He has practiced both landscape architecture and architecture, having worked for Neil M. Denari Architects and Johnston Marklee & Associates in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design.