Design Forces: Personal ities/Interference/Interpretation

Chris Bangle

Chris Bangle would like to re-open in his talk the discussion of Design and Humanism with observations and commentary from his experiences on the forces involved in the creative process and how there may be a chance to return value to the Human-in-the-loop” – if, that is, we designers are willing to re-think our role.

Chris Bangle is best known for his tenure as Chief of Design for the BMW group, where he was responsible for bringing the designs and engineering of the BMW, Mini Cooper, and Rolls Royce into the twenty-first century.

After pushing car design language to its limits for 28 years, Chris Bangle announced his departure in 2009 from the auto industry. Since then, he has been pursuing his own design-related endeavors from his studio in Italy working with global clients such as Samsung, Hennessy and Adidas.