Synthetic Sublime

David Ruy

Technological and natural regimes have become so intertwined that it is increasingly diffi cult to know the limits of each as conceptual categories.

Most of the consequential problems of the 21st century are found somewhere between the technological and the natural, and we are beginning to see important efforts to defi ne the new conjunctures in material practices.

These new conjunctures defi ne a new horizon whose afterglow can best be described as a synthetic sublime.

As design culture continues to struggle for participation and a role in this unfolding drama, we have seen a general ambition in the past decade for the technical mastery of computational possibilities. The frantic efforts to sow new digital design techniques is only now starting to blossom as we begin to reap the new synthetic effects of architecture. This recent shift of interest from technique to aesthetics is at the heart of the recent of work of Ruy Klein. The lecture looks at a sequence of projects studying synthetic architectural effects and the possible values of a post-digital aesthetics.