Speculative Everything

Fiona Raby

Design is in a state of flux, mutating and evolving as it adjusts to the ever changing social, political, economic and technological landscape. Approaches and values that made sense before, perhaps do not always make sense today. One of the biggest challenges facing designers, is to re-design design itself to ensure it remains relevant and meaningful in these uncertain times.

Lack of dogma and orthodoxy, and the blurring of boundaries between disciplines, make it a very exciting time to be a designer, even if, with this new freedom comes some existential angst.
I offer no solutions, or even answers, but lots of questions, thoughts, ideas and possibilities, all expressed through the language of design. They probe our beliefs and values, challenge our assumptions, and encourage us to imagine how what we call reality’ could be different. They help us see that the way things are now is just one possibility.