BIO[re]BO[o]T—Ecosophical apparatus & skizoïd machines |

Francois Roche

In power games, [apparatuses could be con sidered] relationship strategies supporting types of knowledge and supported by themselves.”

Michel Foucault, Dits et Ecrits Machines are always pretending to do more than what they were programmed to do. It’s their nature. Their behaviour alternates phantasms, frustrationsand fears inspired by their own ability to break free and threaten us.

The blurriness between what they are supposed to do, as perfect alienated and domesticated creatures, and the anthropomorphic psychology we intentionally project on them, creates a spectrum of potentiality, both interpretative and productive, which is able to re-“scenarize’’ the operating processes of the architectural fi eld. Machines are a vector of narration, generators of rumour, and at the same