On computational skinning: trials and errors

Marc Fornes

Marc Fornes is a registered Architect DPLG” mixed with a fine connoisseur in computer science. Hidden under his label THEVERYMANY™ (www​.theverymany​.com) he is one of the leading figure in the development of computational protocols applied to the field of design and fabrication. He defines his research and practice’s agenda as a quest for Explicit and Encoded”, Precise Indetermination”, Progressive Geometry” all seeking Unconventional Futures”.

Marc – together with Francois Roche (R&Sie(n)) – started “(n)Certainties” – a graduate studio recurrently hosted in Fall at Columbia University (NYC). In parallel of academia – Marc is also teaching for McNeel numerous scripting workshops (Rhinoscript/​Python) across the globe.

In 2007 he designed and launched www​.scriptedbypurpose​.net the first exhibition exclusively focusing on scripted processes within design – and curated in 2008 the European section for the Architecture Biennale in Beijing.