Embedded Interstices

Marcelo Spina

In recent architectural history, interstitial space came to be associated with strategies of the local, the anomalies and spaces in-between. A possible expansion within this lineage implies conceiving interstices as absolutely integral to architectonic order, mass and structure; figurally embedded, materially articulated, intensely but locally distributed across the fabric of building.

Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich are Co-principals of PATTERNS.PATTERNS is a design research architectural practice based in LosAngeles and operating globally. Founded in 1999, PATTERNS’ work has gained international recognition for its innovative approach to design and architecture that fuses advanced computation with an extensive understanding of form, tectonics and materials. PATTERNS’ vision is to generate innovative spatial forms that actively engage, enhance and influences the body, constantly challenging its relationship to the built environment akin to the complexity of contemporary life. PATTERNS has received numerous prizes and awards.