Crunch Time: Confronting the Current Crisis of Architecture

Michael Hensel

Make no mistake architecture is in crisis, no matter how much and what gets built today. More sharply formulated, one should speak in the plural of multiple and possibly interrelated crises. What are these? What are the underlying reasons? What are the ramifications for practice and education? What are the consequences for the built environment? Are there any promising ways forward out of these crises? Are there suitable examples? How can these be embedded in adequate theoretical and methodological framework? The lecture will focus on tackling these questions and seeks to offer inroads and impulses for thinking further.

Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel is an architect, researcher, writer and educator. He gained his PhD at the University of Reading and is tenured professor at AHO – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design where he directs the Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics (RCAT).