Extended Worlds

Nathan Su & Bethany Edgoose (Inferstudio)

Location: I oA Square

Inferstudio (official)

We are a digital design studio offering services in worldbuilding, editing, videography, VFX, and data visualization.

We work with artists, architects, researchers, NGOs, film-makers, musicians and technologists to design visual worlds that tell their stories.

We also produce independent projects – artworks, films and essays that focus on extended reality, personhood and identity, and Earth’s fragile landscapes.

Bethany Edgoose | Co-founder + Director

Beth is an editor, writer, and researcher. With a background in anthropology, her work investigates the impactof digital technologies on new forms of personhood and identity. Before Inferstudio, she worked as acyber-security analyst and a nuclear security researcher. She graduated with distinction from the M.Sc inAnthropology and Development at the London School of Economics.

Nathan Su | Co-founder + Director

Nathan is a designer, technologist, and researcher. With a background in architecture, he works through virtual worlds to both speculate on possible futures and reveal contemporary realities.
He has recently worked as an advanced researcher for Forensic Architecture, and has taught in architecture schools internationally, including at UCLA, the Architectural Association (AA), and Strelka Institute.
He studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and at the AA, where he received Diploma Honours.