We are very pleased to announce that I oA professors, faculty, students and alumni have won many prestigious awards and brought grants to the institute and Angewandte! We are proud and congratulate everyone sincerely!

1) Tülay Atak (I oA Theory of Architecture) and Bernhard Sommer (I oA Energy Design) received an INTRA grant for their proposal: Energy at the Threshold of the Visible World: Intersections of Science, Humanities and Architecture“

A transition from the current state of energy production and consumption necessitates changing our ways of thinking toward a new set of collectively shared values, principles and frameworks beyond technological solutions. In order to imagine an architecture of transition, it is necessary to consider how energy has come to be incorporated and internalized in architectural thought and design. This project will collect, analyze and interpret historical and current visualizations of energy in science and architecture, resulting in an exhibition which will make energy visible to a broader public.

2) Magdalena Gorecka and Philipp Reinsberg, (I oA [Applied] Foreign Affairs) in cooperation with UNIDO, received an INTRA grant for their proposal, Interspecies Nursery.“ The objective of their research is to design a nature-oriented spatial proposal in wood that serves as a shared space for learning and community. The proposal will not only integrate the surrounding forest as a source of material but also recognize it as a key participant in the collaborative learning process. Emphasizing the importance of interspecies cooperation, the spatial proposal, developed jointly with I oA’s [Applied] Foreign Affairs, will evolve into a nurturing environment for collective growth and understanding. The project seeks to curate the comprehensive Atlas of Interspecies Intersections”, an ever-expanding endeavor that will unveil profound insights and contribute to the preservation of forest ecosystems.
The project seeks to curate the comprehensive Atlas of Interspecies Intersections”, an ever-expanding endeavor that will unveil profound insights and contribute to the preservation of forest ecosystems.
3) In the framework of the 3rd Africa-UniNet call for cooperative research projects between universities and research institutions in Austria and in African countries by the BMBWF, I oA’s [Applied] Foreign Affairs lab directed by Baerbel Mueller, together with the UDS Tamale have been accepted for funding.
Tamale’s Inner-Urban Ecologies” is a collaborative research project investigating the inner urban ecologies of Tamale, one of the fastest-growing cities in West Africa. The research will be conducted by a joint team from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Angewandte) in Austria, and the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale, Ghana.
The guiding interest is to identify complex spatial, environmental, and socio-economic structures and the characteristics and potentials of multi-species co-habitation spaces, as well as future planning process models. These structures, characteristics and potentials will be researched through three selected sites in the city of Tamale which will serve as case studies, to encourage more inclusive, multi-species inner urban areas in the near future.
TIUE proposes a work model that synthesizes different methods of inquiry, bringing together the expertise of the two parties and external partner: spatial and artistic ([A]FA, Angewandte), scientific and solution-oriented (UDS). The project expands on the already existing collaborative research network developed through Tamale Territories, a joint project realized between November 2020 and June 2023.

4) A student competition was held among energy design students in Vienna and Graz. Sponsored by ARE, Österreichische Immobilien GmbH and organized by Prof. Brian Cody (I oA; Institute of Buildings and Energy, TU Graz)
In different categories students worked on different sites of Seestadt Aspern. Prizes were awarded in each category and the main prize however was determined among all categories and both universities. This year’s award went to the students of the I oA Energy Design Department of Brian Cody and Bernhard Sommer.
We congratulate Kyrylo Dmytrenko, Melika Hadjarzadeh, Mohamed Abdelhady Omar with their project Dynamic Mainfold“.
Further awardees: Olja Radovanovic, Zubin Tan, Tomaz Roblek with their project Ecotopia Parkview“ and Orkhan Hasanov with his project Tabula Rasa“
The winners were selected by a jury of renowned architects: Univ. Prof. Mag.arch. Elsa Prochazka, Dipl. Ing. Peter Riepl, and Univ. Prof. Mag. Arch. SIA Hannes Stiefel

Bernhard Sommer, Brian Cody and the I oA students

5) Congratulations to our two I oA Alumni Ana Maria Chiriac and Nathaniel Loretz, who were able to win the first two prizes in the Stahlbaupreis for students. Both have submitted their revised thesis projects from studio díazmoreno garcíagrinda; Ana Maria was awarded for the project Bridge of Flowers“ in the category Upcycling and Recycling”) and Nathaniel for his project Laboratory Of The Self“ in the category Space and Structure“.
Thanks to the students, who acted convincingly on their own initiative, as well as the great support of Franz Sam, I oA Building Construction. The Angewandte not only succeeded in winning the Concrete Student Trophy in 2016 with Jan Niklas Schöpf (Studio Kazuyo Sejima) and Michael Knoll (Studio Greg Lynn) and the proHolz Student Trophy 2020 (Monika Kalinowska and Denys Karandiuk (Studio Hani Rashid), Weronika Moscicka, but now also in winning the Stahlbaupreis (Steel Construction Prize)!

Nathaniel Loretz „Laboratory Of The Self“

Ana Maria Chiriac „Bridge of Flowers“

6) The master thesis All Watched Over” (2021) by Merve Sahin, studio díazmoreno garcíagrinda, has been selected for the shortlist of the EUMies Young Talent Architecture Award. The project made it to the the final 9 projects a total of 317 entries.
Merve’s project is showcased as part of the exhibition EUmies Awards. Young Talent 2023. The Laboratory of Education”will be on display until November 26 at the European Cultural Centre – Palazzo Mora in Venice, as a Collateral Event of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

Merve Sahin, "All Watched Over"