Ever Evolving Environments


Galerie Göttlicher

Krems an der Donau

May 11 – July 13, 2024
Opening May 11, 6:00pm

The exhibition Ever Evolving Environments” features two of [A]FA’s long-term projects, located in Ghana. What these projects have in common is the aspiration to create inclusive environments to be lived and appropriated by (human) individuals and communities, with all other living things in coexistence. This implies a multi-scalar approach, from the tiny/​hyperlocal to the territorial all is considered equally relevant. Processes of unlearning, testing, and crafting are central – always with the ambition to create alternative spaces, as agents of socioecological change, and of surprising spatial beauty.

The exhibition provides insights into the complex, playful processes, and evolving ecosystems of the projects Tamale Territories Old Airfield (Tamale, Ghana, 2021-), and Haduwa Continuations (Apam, Ghana, 2013-/2023-) by [Applied] Foreign Affairs.

WORKS: [Applied] Foreign Affairs, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna

CURATOR: Baerbel Mueller

EXHIBITION DESIGN: Baerbel Mueller, Philipp Reinsberg