Technoscape – The architecture of engineers

01.Oct. 2022 – 10. April 2023

Curated by Pippo Ciorra, Maristella Casciato

Reconfigurable Streets

Studio Greg Lynn, University of Applied Arts Vienna

The mission of the year-long Reconfigurable Streets studio is to innovate the design of civic streets for a citizenry that has adapted to COVID pandemic policies, transportation electrification, gig working, micro-mobility, and on-demand retail and dining delivery services. respond to contemporary culture, transportation, health policy, and urbanism with new ideas for use of streets. The studio’s vision is to humanize technology and pedestrianize the built environment. The site for this reimagination of the street is the Ringstrasse in Vienna; a 19th century urban scale experiment in land-ownership, civic institution building, culture, politics, leisure and commerce. Six different teams designed the 4.2‑kilometer-long street as a reconfigurable network of intelligent robotic infrastructure, street furniture, pavilions, equipment and energy infrastructure. Using electric mobility and autonomous navigation technology, the Ringstrasse is pedestrianized for festival, art, retail and gastronomy uses. The simulation of transport, configuration, assembly, and occupation is designed using game engine software. The scope of design encompasses building design, ergonomics, local manufacture, transport and construction logistics including assembly, demounting, transportation, storage, and re-use.

Teaching Team: Greg Lynn, Martin Murero, Valeria Ospital, Bence Pap, Kaiho Yu

Students: Tala Sawmeh, Philipova Olga, Tobias Haas, Anastasia Sevchenko, Leon Mackowski, Janna Eberharter, Naomi Neururer, Helen Andres, Benedikt Schambeck, Viktoriya Tudhzarowa, Hao Wu, Anna Salakhova, Luca Zanarini, Philipp Ma, Tomaz Roblek, Ebrar Eke, Alina Logunova, Anna Ovchinnikova, Eylül İçgöre, Natalia Laskovaya, Zubin Tan, Joyce Lee, Laleh Sadegloo, Margit Applegate, Anahita Dehlavi, Jennifer Frangieh, Arkadii Zavialov

Organisation: Astrid Trinkbauer, Sabine Peternell and Baerbel Mueller

Fabrication: Philipp Hornung

With The Friendly Support of: Die Angewandte and the I oA, the Institute of Architecture