Thursday, October 5, 2023
Guided tour: 6.30 pm
Exhibition Opening: 7 pm

Opening remarks by Baerbel Mueller, Dean I oA, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Alte WU, Augasse 2/6, 1st Floor, 1090 Vienna

A heartful invitation to the guiding tour and opening of the exhibition Terrestrial Post-Anthropocene, Microperformative Artificial Biospheres“Thesis Project by Miriam Löscher | Alumna Studio Hani_​Rashid

Rising temperatures, urbanization, and habitat loss are pushing us toward the brink of the 6th mass extinction. This prompts us to consider designing structures not just for ourselves but also for the other creatures sharing our space.
Imagine microperformative structures that mimic nature’s cycles, evolving and decaying like living organisms. Initially constructed using 3D printing, these models continue to evolve naturally as water infiltrates and nourishes them, fostering thriving ecosystems with moss extending its roots through the sculpture, breaking it down.
Overlaying this challenge onto an unused urban space, an unexpected solution arises – repurposing the Alte Wirtschaftsuniversität of Vienna into a massive terrarium, revitalizing the once lifeless.
The exhibition presents the outcomes of a year-long research project, showcasing various models, experiments, failures, and successes. These displays are like glimpses into an ongoing time-lapse, in a constant state of evolution, never repeating the same scene twice.

Realized with the kind support from the I oA, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna