Final Reviews Studio Lynn

January 27th 2023, 10am 

Guests: Barbara Gollackner, Melodie Leung, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Baerbel Mueller

Seminar Room 10

Motion Capture

Very much inspired by the work of Viennese architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, students work with gestural and ergonomic motion of people in space as a design tool. Instead of Architects Data from Nuefert in 1936, which is driven by standardized architectural elements, we will develop a library of human movement patterns from motion capture for use in building design without the assumption of off-the-shelf components or typologies.

Students were given three business requirements for the physical environment along with an inventory of assets used for the transformation of goods and materials. The business requirements define the processes and activities that happen in a building and landscape space with benchmarks for time spent by team members at various stations. The assets include machinery for fabricating, assembling, packaging and shipping, finishing, and other processes. Some assets are organic and some inorganic from animals to fabricated materials.