A symposium organized by the I oA, Institute of Architecture of Die Angewandte with the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts.

Friday, June 2, 2023, 10:30 – 18:00
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vortragssaal
Stubenring 5
1010 Vienna

Generations is a conference bringing together practitioners and theoreticians from different generations and with different views of computational design. 

More than thirty years after the design professions started embracing them, digital technologies are today a crucial component of most conceivable post-industrial and post-anthropocenic toolkits; yet they appear increasingly out of kilter with the cultural, environmental, and political challenges of our time. How are social, racial, and societal norms and biases recreated and amplified through technology? How can architects and designers marshal the immense potential of electronic computation and artificial intelligence to suggest new ideas for the world we live in, or create alternative narratives and visions through virtual worlds?

Drawing from contributors to the MAK exhibition /​imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual, and from research and teaching currently carried out at the Institute of Architecture of Die Angewandte, this symposium explores new ways of being digital outside of, or against, the legacy of the techno-social environment where digital technologies were first developed and deployed. 


10:30 am: Welcome by Lilli Hollein, General director MAK, Museum of Applied Arts and Gerald Bast, President University of Applied Arts Vienna

10:40 Introductions

Mario Carpo, Professor of Architectural Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural History at the Bartlett-UCL in London;

Marlies Wirth, Curator Digital Culture and Design Collection, MAK – Museum of Applied Arts and Bika Rebek, architect and principal, Some Place Studio (Berlin/​Vienna), curators of the exhibition /​imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual

11:00 Miriam Hillawi AbrahamWill the future slip from my grasp?” / online presentation

11:30 Jenny Sabin Biosynthetic Design: Towards Adaptive Architecture”

12:00 Gilles Retsin Automation: Architecture in Large Quantities”

12:30 Clemens Preisinger History of the Parametric Finite Element Toolkit Karamba3D’; Zeynep Aksoz Conversational Machines”

13:00 – 13:40 Round table with Jenny Sabin, Gilles Retsin, Clemens Preisinger and Zeynep Aksoz, moderated by Hani Rashid

13:40 – 14:40 Lunch break

14:40 – 15:10 Guided tour by Marlies Wirth and Bika Rebek

15:10 Matias del Campo Neural Architecture – Design and Artificial Intelligence”

15:40 Leah WulfmanGayming Architectures, Nonbinary Tech”

16:10 Jennifer Bonner Pop!”

16:40 Space Popular The Portal Galleries” 

17:10 – 17:50 Round table with Matias del Campo, Leah Wulfman, Jennifer Bonner and Space Popular, moderated by Bika Rebek

17:50 Greg Lynn Wrap up

18:00 End of symposium

The symposium will be held in English.
Registration required:
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