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Delirious Square
I oA exhibition with works of students curated by Studio Greg Lynn
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 1.OG, I oA Square
Opening: Tuesday, June 27, 3pm

The I oA as a diverse institute with a multiplicity of positions to architecture will showcase a heterogeneous body of work from the three design studios and affiliated departments – as a singular project. The design of the exhibition is conceived as a world building” approach. The collected work, displayed with only physical models is organized as a city and augmented with immersive technological methods. Delirious Square” will bring an experiential quality to visitors. 

The I oA shows the master’s theses projects of the Summer Semester 2023
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 2.OG.
June 27 – 30, 2023, 11am – 9pm

Studio díazmoreno garcíagrinda: Diana Cuc, Alma Kelderer, Moritz Kühn, Jenny Niklasch, Kathi Sauermann
Studio Greg Lynn: Serge Delire, Benedikt Schambeck, Alina Logunova, Olga Philippova, Yiting Yang
Studio Hani_​Rashid: Sarah Agill, Joseph Cook, Miriam Löscher, Alejandro Estrella, Saba Mahdavi, Shpend Pashtriku, Raffael Stegfellner, Qian Yu

Guiding tours:
Tuesday, June 27, 6pm, guiding tour with Luis Nezberte, student of Sculpture and Space to the thesis projects of studio Greg Lynn and Studio Hani Rashid.
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 2.OG.

Thursday, June 29, 3pm, guiding tour with Ray Wane, student of Cross-Disciplinary Strategies to the thesis projects of studio díazmoreno garcíagrinda
OKP, Ferstel-Trakt, EG Lichthof B

The Portal @ Sharing Space
Concept by I oA Alumni Alma Kelderer, Diana Cuc, Jenny Niklasch, Katharina Sauerman, and Moritz Kühn
OKP, Ferstel-Trakt, EG, Sharing Space
Opening: Tuesday, June 27, 7.30pm

The Portal aims to create a platform for collective engagement. THE PORTAL is therefore, designed to be an open platform that encourages communication and collaboration between all students and faculties. It seeks to use the limited physical space through creating infrastructure to centralise information and news on all sorts of social events that are happening around Die Angewandte. The space invites everyone to stop by and discover and share what’s going on.

Tamale Territories
[Applied] Foreign Affairs, Baerbel Mueller
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 3.OG, room 309
Opening: Wednesday, June 28, 6pm

Tamale Territories features [A]FA’s long-term project focusing on two urban sites, based on four foci: Research, Fictions, Design, Matter. The exhibition as territory allows visitors to gain insight into the complex, evolving ecosystems of Tamale, Ghana. Highlighted is the Tamale Old Airfield project, exploring how design can intersect with the natural world, and encourage more thoughtful and playful approaches to beyond-human-human relationships and resources.
Works by Pearl Abingya, Georgios Albanis, Margit Applegate, Elizabeth Apuseyine, Marcella Brunner, Ana Maria Chiriac, Agata Chomicz, Carmen Egger, Abdul-Haqq Mahama, Alexandra Terekhova, Adham Sinan, Majeda Umar, Daniil Zhiltsov, Gaowei Zhou
Exhibition curating by Magdalena Gorecka, with Marcella Brunner
Diploma work by Ivan Jakaric – The Zona; I am the Gardener (2022−2023), [A]FA and Landscape Architecture and Planning, TU Vienna

Structural Design Website Launch
Wolf Mangelsdorf, Andrei Gheorghe, Florian Medicus
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 1.OG. I oA Square
Opening, Thursday, June 29, 4pm

Studio Lynn – Diploma Speed-Date”
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 2.OG. 218
Getting to know this year’s architecture thesis projects at Studio Lynn
Thursday, June 29 12pm
Friday, June 30, 4pm

PRAXIS Pavilion Bendscape“
Afshin Koupaei
OKP, Innenhof, 1.UG, gravel yard
Opening, Friday, June 30, 5pm

PRAXIS Pavilion, each year, investigates the possibilities of utilizing machining techniques, not only as means of making but as a design apparatus. The students of Machining PRAXIS in Architecture” this year examined the possibilities of bending wood by the implementation of machining processes. They developed KERF and cut-through patterns and studied the wood’s behaviour in specific sections and formations. Based on their studies, they designed and built the BENDSCAPE Pavilion

Other Matter 2.0
Valerie Messini & Bence Pap
OKP, Ferstel-Trakt, EG courtyard

Does architecture always need to be physical? What ways of spatial expression, notation, extension and new awareness can be achieved and designed through media? And what role could AR play in (re)programming and extending space, in exhibition design, performance spaces or within the confinements of our own habitat? AR projects of students investigates possibilities of virtual and augmented space population through playful use of digital technologies. We will look at different approaches of immaterial architecture in order to develop ephemeral, audio-visual objects, structures or installations which stand in dialogue and emulate new experiences in relation to an existing architectural context. The seminar stand in collaboration with Sonar + D Festival in Barcelona where works will be exhibited in June.

With students from the I oA, Cross-Disciplinary-Strategies, TransArts, Transmedia Art, Digital Arts

Presentation Magazine Abstrakt“
Alumni and Students from IoA

OKP, EG courtyard
Opening, Friday, June 30, 5pm

ABSTRAKT, the architectural platform and student magazine of the I oA, is the exploration of thoughts and ideas through conversations with creatives inside and outside the university, mixed with a collection of recent works from our students to reflect the works and visions of this architecture school. The introduction of the third edition with the issues Artifacts” and Unfolding Visions” during the Festival allows us to showcase projects and encourage discussion not only to bridge the three studios and strengthen interaction, but also to share the institute’s efforts with the whole university.

Analog Algorithmic Aesthetics
Daniela Kröhnert
OKP, Schwanzer-Trakt, 1.OG, Aisle area
With works of students from the I oA and Industrial Design 1

The pen has always been an essential tool in the communication of architecture but has lost importance in the realm of digitalization; alongside the irregular, vivid and tactile qualities resulting from the physical world and its materialities.
In this course, students have the opportunity to explore (again) the vast potential for unique and individual expression through the use of generative programming and its physical manifestation by operating CNC drawing machinery.

Sense of Place
Diana Cuc, Alma Klederer, Moritz Kühn, Jenny Maria Niklasch, Katharina Sauermann
OKP, Ferstel-Trakt, EG Lichthof B

Sense of Place” showcases five diploma projects of Studio 1, Institute of Architecture, exploring the concept of place and its relationship with different agencies of people, nature, and architecture. The works range from investigating the intersection between artificial and natural processes in a construction site in Paris, to proposing a new form of collective living through the design of an interface between leisure and necessity in Berlin. One of the projects explores the potential of a hybrid winery and public space in London, while another investigates the way we experience and produce flavor through a taste factory on an island in Vienna. The fifth project highlights the impact of architecture on economic forces and is located in logistic parks in Europe. Overall, the exhibition emphasizes the importance of place-making in creating livable, and engaging environments that enrich our lives.

Diana Cuc, Geologies of accumulation (Paris)
Jenny Niklasch, No place like home – from late till early and everything in between (Berlin)
Alma Kelderer, Vertical grounds of public indulgence (London)
Katharina Sauermann, Cherry on the cake (Vienna)
Moritz Kühn, Within Milieus of Movement (European Logistics)

Morphology of Sound INTRA Projekt Zeynep Aksöz-Balzar (I oA) and Nicolaj (Digital Art), with ITI TU Vienna
A Steel sculpture is Coming to Life interactive performance VZA 7 EG, EntranceTuesday, June 27.06 6 – 9pmTalk to Steel interactive architectural audiosoniv installation Wednesday – Friday, June 28 – 30 Morphology of Sound interactive sculpture installation at Zentrum Fokus Forschung, RustenschacheralleeWednesday – Friday, June 28 – 30Morphology of Sound Guiding Tour and get together, ZFF, Rustenschacherallee Friday, June 30, 4pm