November 3rd, 2021, 7 pm Joan Tarrus, Cricursa

The Making of … Curved Glass”

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After more than 85 years of collaboration with architects and participation in design, CRICURSA now offers the most advanced manufacturing of architectural glass in the form of curved glass and flat special laminates, setting new standards in quality, creativity and design. The presentation will provide an in-depth look at curved glass manufacturing processes, geometric analysis and 3D scanning, while highlighting the latest in architectural design.

Joan Tarrus is director of marketing and director of specifications at Cricursa and has been a key part of the company for two decades. He has been responsible for projects such as Herzog & de Meuron’s 40 Bond Street Apartments in New York City, OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center, SANAA’s undulating La Samaritaine in Paris, and the famous 9‑meter Vidre Slide created for Glass Technology Live 2016 with Eckersley O’Callaghan Engineers.