The University of Applied Arts Vienna has an opening for the position of University Professor (m/​f/​d) in Building Construction starting from October 3, 2023 for a fixed period of five years, with the possibility of an extension of the contract beyond the fixed period.

The successful candidate should be an internationally recognized architect with experience in realizing projects in the field of building construction. Enthusiasm for teaching and research within an international context and a strong interest in future-oriented, pioneering developments in architecture and construction, as well as competence in and openness to interdisciplinary cooperation, are required.

  • ching and research experience
  • willingness to develop and implement courses for students in the master’s program in architecture, in close coordination with other departments and the design studios
  • ability to support students in developing innovative building construction concepts
  • willingness to supervise PhD students in architecture
  • willingness to carry out research and publication activities, especially through the active use of Austrian and European research funding institutions
  • willingness to develop and engage in cooperation projects with international universities and non-university partners
  • willingness to assume responsibilities pertaining to university self-governance as well as to perform administrative duties as part of the University’s everyday activities as a teaching institution
  • social competences: human resources development, teamwork, communication skills, employee motivation

Teaching language is German and English.

In accordance with the Collective Wage Agreement, the negotiable minimum salary for professors amounts to € 5,437.70 per month, payable 14 x per year. Pursuant to the stipulations of the Collective Wage Agreement, the salary may be negotiable based on experience.

Qualified candidates are asked to submit their applications to the rector’s office at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (rektorat@​uni-​ak.​ac.​at) by Thursday September 8, 2022 in English and electronic form, enclosing comprehensive documentation that includes a detailed curriculum vitae, a portfolio of selected projects, as well as a brief summary of the candidate’s proposed teaching activities.

The University of Applied Arts Vienna / the I oA is seeking to maintain a 50% female representation in leading positions at the university and therefore expressly encourages women to apply. As an employer, the University of Applied Arts Vienna stands for equal opportunities and diversity and ensures a procedure critical of discrimination.

The University of Applied Arts Vienna does not offer compensation for travel expenses to applicants.