I oA Sliver Gallery ABSTRAKT Panel Discussion + Exhibition


Sam Jacob (I oA Architectural Design Studio 3, Vienna/​Sam Jacob Studio, London), Olivier Pron (Concept Artist and Art Director, Paris), Uwe Brunner (SOAP, Vienna)

in conversation with ABSTRAKT editors 

Jasmy Chieh-Hsuan Chen, Velina Iantcheva, Viktoria Tudzharova

with a welcome by Maja Ozvaldic

Friday, March 15, 2024, 5pm

Die Angewandte, I oA SQUARE 

Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2

1010 Vienna

The fifth and sixth issue of ABSTRAKT explore the medium beyond a mere communicator of architectural and urban designs. It stands as an integral part of the process of probing architectural realities and speculations. How do we conceive and develop architectural concepts through imaging? How does the medium then aid in situating ideas within a broader social, political, cultural and ecological context?

The fifth issue, Unfolding Visions”, focuses on time-based media and the dimension of duration, while the sixth issue, Artifacts”, examines drawings and physical models as snapshots of the architectural design process. Featuring interviews with experts working in various media, the issues delve into possibilities, limitations, and emerging workflows. Collectively, these insights offer a nuanced comparison across a spectrum of media.

To mark the completion of this body of work, the exhibition will be launched with a panel discussion, presenting an opportunity to further emphasize and explore the similarities and differences in design practices distinguished by the use of different media. Panelists Uwe Brunner, Sam Jacob, and Olivier Pron will share their insights on the role of medium in a creative practice, as well as reflect on a selection of key topics that have emerged from within the pages of the magazine.