Roland Bondzio

March 30, 2022, 7 PM

According to Gottfried Semper’s theory, the origin of the wall lies in the textile and in weaving. The German word winden” (weave) is etymologically related to Wand” (wall) as the envelope of space and Gewand” (garment) as the clothing of the body. This idea was the starting point for the design of the new administration building for the Association of the Northwest German Textile and Clothing Industry in Münster. The client was prepared to accompany the research-based design process of behet bondzio lin architects and so, with the help of digital tools, they succeeded in planning and implementing a design that was simple in its entirety but complex in its details.

Roland Bondzio will talk about the experimental building that has won several awards. Roland studied architecture in Braunschweig and Barcelona and has taught at various German technical colleges and universities. He is the co-founder of behet+bondzio architekten in Münster and Leipzig, Germany. In 2003, the architecture firm expanded to Taichung, Taiwan, together with the third partner, Yu-Han Michael Lin, and since then has mainly realised projects in Germany and Taiwan.

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