Endless Kiesler

Edited by Klaus Bollinger, Florian Medicus and the Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation

Frederick Kiesler’s Endless House is rightly regarded as an icon of 20th century visionary architecture. Even though (and perhaps even because?) it was never built, the Endless House has been inspiring for people working in the field, spawning an ever-growing legacy. This publication brings together many hitherto unpublished drawings, plans and photographs, along with some recent reflections on Frederick Kiesler’s central concepts. It also presents some of the work that has been done in Klaus Bollinger’s Unbuildable?!” seminar series at the Vienna University of Applied Arts Institute of Architecture. The publication is moreover, enriched by contributions from well-known architects and artist as well as winners of the renowned Kiesler Prize who have all engaged in a creative dialogue with Frederick Kiesler.

Edition Angewandte
ISBN978‑3 – 0356-0624 – 9