iheartblob – Augmented Architectural Objects A New Visual Language

Edited by the Institute of Architecture
Authors: Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James, Shaun McCallum

iheartblob corroborates sharply-pointed, short-form architectural thought and criticism, tantalising imagery and augmented reality content. The Architectural Objects contained within both enchant as well as reflect on the crisis of thought plaguing architecture today by orchestrating new and established ideas as though they are materials, engaging seriously with each, whilst remaining at a distance from full immersion. These objects are balanced with essays from key architectural thinkers and practitioners including Kutan Ayata, Gerald Bast, Fredrik Hellberg, Lara Lesmes, Greg Lynn, Andrew Witt, and Michael Young which provide an in-depthlook at key components of related technology, architectural aesthetics and architectural theory. The book is an object in itself – a hybridized beacon of architectural experimentation wherein pages are augmented to unveil digital counterparts, resulting in a novel approach toward navigating architectural discourse within a fragmented and hypersaturated society.

Edition Angewandte
ISBN: 978−3−0356−1872−3