IoA Studios Hadid Lynn Prix – Selected Student Works 2009

Edited by Wolf D. Prix

The renowned Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna presents selected student works from 2009. The design studios of star architects Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn and Wolf D. Prix offer students countless possibilities to exhaust architectural parameters across borders. The open studio structure, which enables students to work on the same topics from their first term up to their graduation, creates dynamics, which would not be possible at this scale in a conventional study structure.

In addition to these three design studios the IoA offers the Cross Over Studio, in 2009 headed by Francois Roche, which gives a small group of students access to external aspiring architects for one term further enhancing the already exceptional spectrum of projects.

The departments of Structural Design and Energy Design, with their advanced technologies, support the architectural education at the Angewandte.

The present pictures should serve as am inspiration and let us hope for a new dynamic generation of architects.

Edition Angewandte
ISBN 978−3−99043−305−8