Prinz Eisenbeton 5 – Techo en Mexico

Edited by Wolf D. Prix

The Mexican Roof”, architectural landmark of an organization for ecological agriculture, is one of the few examples in which an extremely ambitious project, designed by students of Studio a3, Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, under the direction of Professor Wolf D. Prix, was successfully realized. In the first step, the project was elaborated in Vienna and then built in a remote province of Mexico by the students themselves with the help of local forces. The impressive result is a roof made of the building material bamboo, which on the one hand provides shade and protects against the sun, but at the same time collects rainwater, which is used to irrigate the plantations. The book documents the development process in Vienna as well as the exciting construction process on site in Mexico. A work that is not only valuable for students and teachers, but is an enrichment for anyone interested in the encounter of different cultures and the potential of architectural forms.