Techo en Mexico – The Mexican Roof Revisited 2009

Edited by Wolf D. Prix

In 2004, seven students from the studio of Wolf D. Prix at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna built a roof as an architectural landmark for a sustainable agriculture institution in the south of Mexico.

Five years later, the authors of the project met up with international architects in Oaxaca to discuss the relationship between aesthetics, resource awareness, and energy design in architecture at the Sustainability versus Aesthetics” conference.

The publication summarizes the lectures given by Raimund Abraham, Rozana Montiel, Wolf D. Prix, Carl Pruscha, Michael Rotondi, Mauricio Rocha in autumn 2009, adding personal statements from all those involved. In their conversation on experimental building, Wolf D. Prix and Günther Feuerstein cover the period from the 1960s to realization of the Techo en Mexico”.

Edition Angewandte
ISBN 978 – 3709104712